Apple iPhone 6 Price In India, Features, Specifications and Video

The upcoming iPhone 6 is the most awaited phone amongst the other smartphones of 2014. Now as the month of September is hitting the calendar, the iPhone 6 rumors are also increasing day by day.

In this post, we’ve gathered all those rumours into one place, so that you could know all those things making noise across the cyber world. In this article you will get to know about everything you want to know about iPhone 6. Be it Apple iPhone 6 price in India, USA or UK, the screen size, camera or the leaked photos and videos of iPhone 6, everything we have summed up in one post.

Read on to know the iPhone 6 features, Apple iPhone 6 Specifications and iPhone 6 video.

iPhone 6 Leaked Pictures

We all know that just after the launch of Apple iPhone 5s, leaked photos of the upcoming iPhone 6 started circulating across the world wide web.

So, first let’s take a look of leaked photos of iPhone 6.



Image Courtesy:

Though, there are lots of leaked pictures of the next iPhone, but here we will show you the latest one and which are also the most convincing yet. These pics have been sent to the Technology portal, TechRadar. In this pic, you can see the iPhone 6 packed with the retail box. These pictures apparently come from a beta tester so there is great possibility that these photos are of real iPhone 6.

aaple- iphone-6-leak-photo-box

apple-iphone-6-screen-leaked pic

iPhone 6 Launch/Release Date

Update:  A new and exact date of 9th September has been finalised by Apple and they have scheduled a big media event on 9th September.

The U.K site, reports that the launch date of the next iPhone is 19th September and the device will be launched in 32 GB and 64 GB variant. Another website, MacRumors has claimed the the iPhone 6 will likely to launch in 3rd Friday of September.

However, according to the reports of Reuters, the iPhone 6 could be launched one month before the expected date and that launch of iPhone 6 is possible in the end of August. According to the same report, the larger model which might carry 5.5- or 5.6 inc screen will be revealed in September. However, this is unlikely to happen that Apple will launch their phone in August instead of September.

To give you more idea, here are the previous launch dates of other iPhones.


iPhone 6 Rumors

iOS 8 variant

It is almost certain that iPhone 6 will come with pre-installed iOS 8. This latest version of OS was launched this year in June at WWDC.


Apple has always improved the camera with the every new launch, so, this time again, we can expect a better camera from Apple. The current version of iPhone has an 8 MP camera with an aperture of f/2.2. However, if we believe on the rumours that are surrounding, Apple might offer 10 MP camera to its fans with an improved aperture of f/.8. But as we said, it is a rumour and nothing is officially confirmed by the makers of iPhone.

Apart from increased mega-pixel, it is highly likely that rather than boosting pixels to the camera, iPhone makers might this time improve the camera of device in the department such as image enhancements & image stabilisation .

Wireless charging

Apple fans who are waiting for wireless charging feature in iPhone might be disappointed this time. There is almost no hope that Apple will include wireless charging feature in iPhone 6. Even, Apple’s main  rival, Samsung, is providing this feature in its flag-ship models, seems like Apple is in no mood to bring this feature in next-generation iPhone.

Flexible Screen

Just like the wireless charging feature, dream of iPhone 6′s flexible screen is far away right now. Samsung has already suggested that a flexible device made by them might come out in the 2014 end. So, we can say that, Apple might be waiting for the consumer’s response towards the flexible screen smartphone, so that Apple could decide whether making a flexible smartphone is worth it or not.


This time it is expected that Apple will be using Sapphire for the display, which will make the next-generation iPhone nearly indestructible.
iPhone 6 leaked Videos

128 GB Storage?


As we all know, Apple has already expanded the storage of iPad to 128 GB, so this is not a big thing, if Apple decided to provide some extra usage to their iPhone owners. According to one rumour, Apple 4.7 inch model will be available in 32 GB and 64 GB variant and the larger iPhone 6 might have 128 GB storage.

5.5 inch iPhone 6 To come in 2015?

KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed that the larger iPhone 6 with 5.5 inch screen size seems unlikely to come this year and  could be delayed until 2015. The reason behind this delay is explained by Ming-Chi Kuo is that this is due to technical glitch with the device’s in-cell touch panel & the unevenness colour on the redesigned iPhone 6 metal casing.

However, Kuo in the same report claims that the iPhone which which will be launched in next month  could have 4.7 inch screen size.

Our Take:

These all are just speculations, we have to wait for the launch date to get exact details. And as far as the leaked photos creating buzz across the Internet are concerned,  we should not forget that these photos and videos circulating across the web are made by some very  talented designers.

Just like in this example, here in this video on YouTube, makers of the video aren’t trying to pretend that this is a real iPhone 6, however it is a very convincing mock up & iPhone 6 could actually look like very similar to the device shown in this video.

Apple iPhone 6 Price in India

iPhone 6 price is still a mystery, but looking at the past, Apple won’t increase the price unless they provide a killer feature in Apple. So, we can expect the iPhone 6 price same as the iPhone 5s price. That means the launch price will be around 50 thousand rupees for 16 GB variant.

Apple iPhone 5s Price

As the launch date of the next-generation iPhone is coming up, hope of slashed price of iPhone 5S is showing in Indian market. The iPhone 5S 16 GB which was launched last year with the price tag of ₹53,500, is now available for ₹40,900 for the gold version on Flipkart, Amazon are also selling the iPhone 5S at cheap rate as compared to the last year’s price of iphone 5S. However, no official slashed price report has come from Apple India.

Should You Buy the iPhone 5S at Cheap Price or Go with the next-generation iPhone 6?

We understand that the slash of 23% in price is tempting, but we would suggest you to wait a little more. As the iPhone will be launched on 9th September, but it will still take 1-2 months to get officially launched in India. So, when the iPhone 6 will official launch in India, we can expect more price drop of iPhone 5S. And as the festive season is around the corner, we can expect some tempting offers from the Apple during the period of Diwali.

So, our advice to you is that, unless you are too impatient and desperate to have a new iPhone now, you should wait a little more, so that you can save your money and would not regret later.

So, now we are wrapping up this long post. Please leave your valuable comments below.

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